how to find a hearing aid in the grass

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  • How does find my hearing aid work?

  • Find My Hearing Aid works with most major hearing aid brands. The app’s Bluetooth 4.0 scanner can track any hearing aid or listening device that connects to your phone, is powered on and is actively advertising. 鈥?Find your hearing aids and listening devices in seconds. Not days or hours.

  • Is there an app to find lost hearing aids?

  • This app allows you to locate your lost hearing aids and hearing devices, such as Phonak or Unitron, using Bluetooth. It can find one of your Hearing Aids or both. Find Lost Hearing Aids shows you how close you are to the Hearing Aid and can lead you to its location.

  • What if I Can鈥檛 find my hearing aids?

  • If you didn鈥檛 find your hearing aid after searching your home or retracing your steps, call us. Many hearing aids are actually under a manufacturer鈥檚 warranty that covers a one-time loss replacement. These warranties are anywhere from one to three years, and could provide you with a new set of hearing aids for a small fee.

  • How can I make sure my hearing aids fit properly?

  • Fit: Make sure your hearing aids fit snuggly into your ear. If they鈥檙e loose you鈥檙e more likely to experience feedback, and it鈥檚 easier for them to fall out. Let us know if they feel loose, and we鈥檒l make sure they are fitting properly for comfort, sound quality, and safety.

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