how to fix bumpy grass

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The best way to fix a bumpy lawn depends on the size of bumps and low areas you鈥檙e dealing with. You can deal with smaller bumps bytop dressing your lawn. Larger bumps require you to remove the turf and level the soil underneath before replacing the turf or reseeding the patch.

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  • How do you fix a bumpy lawn?

  • There are two different approaches you can take, depending on how uneven your lawn is. For milder problems, topdressing is the solution. Whereas for very bumpy lawns, you鈥檒l need to remove the turf and flatten the soil underneath. What causes a bumpy lawn?

  • What causes a bumpy lawn?

  • Bumpy lawns are caused by mole tunnels, clumps of weeds and natural settling of the soil. The best approach to solving the problem and restoring a smooth, easy-to-mow lawn depends on the severity and underlying cause. Some lawns can be fixed without disturbing the grass; others need to be completely renovated.

  • Is it necessary to aerate a bumpy lawn?

  • Aeration is necessary only for compacted soils, or in areas of heavy clay. Heavy lawn rollers may seem like a simple solution to a bumpy lawn, but actually compact the soil even more, resulting in soil that is not well suited to growing grass or providing nutrients to the existing lawn.

  • What happens if you put a dip in a bumpy lawn?

  • Dips in a bumpy lawn can even result in drainage problems when the water settles into low spots, which can cause disease in your grass and can even turn your yard into a mosquito breeding ground.

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