how to fix patchy st augustine grass

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Apply a lawn fungicideThe most effective way to get rid of fungus in St. Augustine grass is applying a lawn fungicide such as Scotts DiseaseEx or Cosan 20. Apply the treatment at the onset of the disease to treat and prevent brown patches in your lawn.

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  • How to prevent brown patch fungus in St Augustine grass?

  • 6 Steps to prevent brown patch fungus in your St. Augustine grass: 1 Time to get a watch or at least a water timer. 2 It’s true your grass needs water, but not too much! Don’t drown your lawn. 3 Avoid Using Nitrogen rich fertilizer in early spring and late Fall. 4 Ensure good drainage and treat compacted soil.

  • How do you bring St Augustine grass back to life?

  • The best way to bring it back is to start watering it about 3 times a week. Water the turf deeply to achieve the right amount of water your turf needs. St. Augustine grass requires approximately inch of water two times a week. If you water adequately to bring it back to life, you may need to do a total of about 1 inches of water every week.

  • How to revive St Auburn Grass?

  • How to revive St. Augustine Grass. 1 1. Water your lawn adequately. Extended periods of hot and dry weather, St. Augustine grass might start to die. The best way to bring it back is to … 2 2. Improve soil quality. 3 3. Dethatch the lawn. 4 4. Replant the lawn.

  • Why does my St Augustine lawn have dead spots?

  • Without proper care and maintenance, a St. Augustine lawn can develop brown dead spots all over the yard. Pest infestation, excessive fertilizer application, and turf diseases can make your lawn turn color and appear dead, but there鈥檚 something you can do to revive the grass.

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