how to get rid of brown patches on grass

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To get rid of the brown spots in the grass, start byreseeding those portions of the lawn, but not before you have thoroughly raked the areas, to remove dead grass, which must also be collected and thrown away. Fill a 1 gallon bucket with equal amounts of topsoil and grass seeds.

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  • How do I get rid of a brown patch on my lawn?

  • Improved air circulation will reduce the humidity that causes brown patch. Reseed with resistant grass cultivars. A variety of grasses are available with moderate resistance to the Rhizoctonia fungus. If a brown patch is an annual occurrence, consider top-seeding your lawn with resistant grasses. Apply fungicide where appropriate.

  • What is the brown patch on my Grass?

  • If the roots of your lawn are exposed to the area where the brown patch on grass has developed, you will notice a brownish color to the turf, but if you look deeper, you will see that the root system of your lawn has not been damaged.

  • Why is my grass turning brown and dying?

  • Many conditions can cause patches of brown, dead grass on your lawn, but only one gets the official name brown patch. Brown patch disease is a condition caused by a single species of fungus, Rhizoctonia, that often occurs in mid- to late-summer when the weather is hot and humid.

  • How do you control brown patch fungus?

  • Always try to control brown patch fungus by adjusting cultural practices before reaching for chemical fungicides. Brown patch appears as irregular circular patches in the lawn that are brownish-yellow in color and range from 6 inches to several feet in diameter.

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