how to get rid of gnats over grass

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Sprinkle gnat pesticide powderwith DEET all over your lawn and bushes. This kills the gnats. Read the instructions carefully, reapplying the pesticide powder every day or every other day to make sure you eradicate the gnats and their eggs.

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  • How to get rid of gnats in potted plants?

  • Bug Zapper: Gnats are attracted to light, it works best for large insects and can help get rid of a number of gnats on your yard. 3. Mix Hydrogen Peroxide with Water Make hydrogen peroxide solution and water your plants to kill any larvae on the potted plants. Mix 1 unit of hydrogen peroxide (3%) to 4 units of water.

  • What are lawn gnats?

  • Lawn gnats, called fungus gnats, are small, mosquito-like insects often observed hovering over grass in big swarms. The pests develop in damp soils and decaying plant material, and populations soar during stretches of hot, rainy weather.

  • What attracts Gnats to your yard?

  • Fruit trees, vegetable gardens provide gnats with food sources. Over-watering your yard, outdoor lighting provides an optimal habitat for gnats. Gnats are also attracted to humans, more so if you have sweet-smelling lotions, perfumes, and hairspray. Some detergents and fruit fragrances we use on our cloth can attract gnats.

  • What insecticide kills fungus gnats?

  • Insecticides containing pyrethrins act quickly to kill fungus gnats. Available in aerosol form, pyrethrins insecticides can be sprayed on the soil and foliage where adult gnats congregate.

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