how to get rid of nimblewill grass

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Nimblewill grass is very difficult to remove,so the best way to control it is to use ageneral herbicide and replant the zoysia in that area,per the University of Illinois Extension. Although tumbleweed,or Russian thistle,is rare in well-irrigated soils such as lawns,mowing keeps the summer annual from setting seed.

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  • How do you get rid of Nimblewill in your lawn?

  • Spray the herbicide onto the nimblewill using a commercial pesticide applicator. Wait until the summer when the nimblewill is actively growing to apply the herbicide. Wait up to 4 weeks for the herbicide to fully kill the nimblewill. Plant seeds where the nimblewill was so new grass and plants grow in its place.

  • Does Nimblewill grass spread?

  • Nimblewill (Muhlenbergia schreberi) is a warm-season perennial grass. Nimblewill is a thin, wiry grass that is pale green or gray-green in color. It spreads by aboveground shoots or stolons, often forming circular spots in the lawn. Nimblewill also spreads via seeds. Plants flower and produce seeds in late summer/early fall.

  • Is there a Magic Weed Killer for Nimblewill grass?

  • Many people find themselves battling weeds within the lawn each year. One such weed is nimblewill grass. Unfortunately, there aren鈥檛 any magic nimblewill herbicides to fully eradicate this plant, but recent approval of one in particular can now give us hope. That being said, proper lawn maintenance can go a long way in its overall control.

  • What is Nimblewill?

  • Nimblewill, or Muhlenbergia schreberi, is a grassy weed that quickly spreads into lawns and beds of grass. Nimblewill’s patchy appearance and tendency to turn brown before other grasses make it an unwelcome visitor in most lawns.

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