how to get rid of red clover in grass

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  • How do you get rid of clover in your lawn?

  • The RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) recommends raking the lawn to lift the stems of clover then going over it with a lawn mower. Use a grass catcher to reduce the potential for seed dispersal, the experts say. Weedkiller can be targeted towards clover in a lawn.

  • Is Clover Bad for your lawn?

  • For lawns that will see a lot of foot traffic (children playing, outdoor activities, etc.) clover can present more than just an aesthetic problem. It does not hold up well under frequent activity, meaning your lawn will develop thin, bare spots in areas where there are high concentrations of clover present.

  • What is red clover good for?

  • The plant is a legume, which means it has the ability to fix nitrogen in soil. Farmers and gardeners all over use red clover as a cover crop and then till it in at springtime to release the nitrogen for use by other crops.

  • Is red clover a weed or not?

  • It is also a healthy food and can be used as a tea, salad greens, or even dried and ground for flour. Red clover in yards is often considered a weed but its beneficial properties and beauty should be considered before the gardener pulls the plant. As a legume, red clover secures nitrogen in the soil which is of benefit to all other plants.

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