how to grow grass in high traffic areas

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Sow the grass seed in early to mid May or late August through mid Septemberfor best results. Use a grass seed mix labeled Durable or Play Mix indicating it is designed for high traffic areas. Keep the soil surface moist until grass begins to grow. Cover with mulch to help keep the soil moist and reduce watering frequency.

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  • Does grass tolerate high traffic?

  • Even grass that does tolerate high traffic will benefit from minimizing the number of people that walk across them. Especially if your lawn sees regular traffic in a specific area, consider building a stepping stone path with pavers that provide a walking surface that grass can grow around.

  • How do you grow grass that withstands foot traffic?

  • The correct care can help you grow grass that withstands foot traffic better. When mowing the lawn, alter your mowing pattern each time so you are not consistently walking the same routes across it. Grow grass as tall as possible in high-traffic areas.

  • How high should a lawn be planted to avoid traffic?

  • Michigan State University recommends a height between 2 and 3 3/4 inches, depending on what works best for your type of grass. Avoid adding sand to the soil, which may further compact it. Even lawns that do tolerate traffic well will benefit from minimizing the number of people that walk across them.

  • Is your lawn too traffic-prone?

  • If lawn covers a large portion of your yard, you want to keep it looking lush and healthy year-round. Unfortunately, people walking across the lawn constantly can cause problems, crushing the grass and compacting the soil. If you still want to grow healthy grass in a high-traffic area, you have several options.

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