how to keep grass in a chicken run

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A simple management solution ensures that they always have green grass to forage on. Usefour-foot wire mesh fencing, held upright by a few steel fence posts, to divide the run in half. Make a simple gate so the birds can access only one side. Scatter fast growing grass seed in the birdless half. Annual ryegrass is ideal.

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  • How do you keep chickens out of your lawns?

  • Let Grass Grow Keeping the lawn a little longer will help protect it from the high nitrogen content in chicken waste. Short grass, on the other hand, is already prone to drying out, making it even more vulnerable to chicken destruction. When you do mow the lawn, consider mulching instead of picking up the clippings.

  • What do you feed chickens in a chicken run?

  • Grass in the chicken run. The obvious answer might seem to be grass, and if you have a big enough area, grass is ideal. Chickens can spend their day happily scratching around for bugs, and creating their own dustbaths in whatever shade they can find.

  • What do you feed your chickens when there is no grass?

  • Mealworms are always welcome, as are sunflower seeds and bits of fallen fruit. Grow some sprouted seeds so that, if all the grass goes or the flock is in a run without any grass at all, they have some greens to peck at.

  • Will chickens destroy my grass?

  • …and welcome to the world of chickens destroying grass! They’ll eat ALMOST anything green. My enclosed run was initially grass/weeds. Within a month, it was dirt. You can not grow anything from seed in an area chickens frequent. They will eat the seeds before they even have a chance to sprout.

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