how to plant timothy grass seed

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Timothy is usually seeded inmixtures with legumes. This mixture may be drilled with a small grain drill. If planted with a winter grain,the Timothy is seeded with it,and the legume is planted early the following spring.

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  • How much timothy grass seed do I need to plant?

  • Timothy Grass Seed. Plant 10 – 15 Lbs. per Acre. Timothy is a bunchgrass that grows 2-4 feet tall. It grows best in cooler climates. Timothy is used primarily as a hay crop. When planted in the majority of Tennessee conditions, summer droughts cause stand reduction.

  • What is timothy grass seed?

  • Timothy Grass Seed – Timothy grass is a perennial bunch grass with shallow fibrous roots used for pasture, hay production and forage for horses, cattle and livestock. Timothy grass is best adapted to northern (cold) cooler climates and may be planted with clovers, alfalfa and other legumes for food plots for deer…

  • What time of year do you plant timothy grass?

  • Timothy grass is a cool season grass. It grows most rapidly in spring and early summer and should be planted in late summer to early fall or in late winter to early spring. Check with the seed distributor in your area to determine the best time to plant timothy grass.

  • Can You reseed timothy grass?

  • As a pasture plant, it is relatively short-lived and stands are soon depleted unless provision is made for natural or artificial reseeding. It produces an open sod that is easily weakened if heavily grazed. Seeding Timothy is recommended to be planted at a rate of 10 – 15 lbs per acre.

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