how to plant timothy grass seed

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Timothy is usually seeded inmixtures with legumes. This mixture may be drilled with a small grain drill. If planted with a winter grain, the Timothy is seeded with it, and the legume is planted early the following spring.

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  • When should I plant timothy grass seed?

  • It grows most rapidly in spring and early summer and should be planted in late summer to early fall or in late winter to early spring. Check with the seed distributor in your area to determine the best time to plant timothy grass.

  • How many seeds are in a pound of timothy grass?

  • There are approximately 1,152,000 seeds per pound. Timothy is different from most other grasses in that 1 or occasionally 2 of the basal internodes of the stem swell into a bulb-like growth. This characteristic is often used for identification of the plant during is early stages of growth.

  • What type of soil does timothy grass grow in?

  • Timothy grass grows well in sandy or clay soils as well as rich loam. It also tolerates moisture conditions from relatively wet to relatively dry. Timothy is a relatively short-lived bunching grass and if not allowed to go to seed should be reseeded every year or two.

  • How deep do you plant timothy grass seeds?

  • How to Grow Timothy Grass | Guide to Growing Timothy Grass. Seeds should be sown approximately -1/2 deep. Seeds sown deeper may not be able to break through the surface of the soil. Gently pack soil to ensure good seed to soil contact. Like most seeds, they require warmth and plenty of water to germinate.

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