how to protect your grass seed from birds

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Burlap sheets

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  • How to keep birds from eating grass seed?

  • However, it means that you鈥檝e wasted all that time and money to sow new grass seeds. Instead, you should use one of these tips to prevent birds from eating the seeds. We recommend trying more than one method. For example, you may want to use mulch with fake decoys or noise repellents.

  • How do I get rid of birds in my yard?

  • Try hanging a bird feeder on a post or tree and keep it filled with seeds. Hungry birds will get used to the food being available in that location and leave your lawn area alone. It may seem obvious, but make sure you remove bird feeders from the area near the grass seed.

  • What kind of grass do birds not like?

  • Sadly, there are no varieties of grass that birds don鈥檛 like. From ryegrass to fescue, birds will find all grass seeds equally appealing. The only grass seeds they won鈥檛 eat are the ones that have been covered in bird repellent.

  • How do you hide bird seed from birds?

  • Using burlap sheets is a great way to visually hide the birds鈥?seeds while also protecting the grass seeds while they grow. Burlap sheets made from natural fabrics help the soil retain moisture and a constant temperature. They also allow the air to flow, preventing mold and even allowing some light and water to get through to the seeds.

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