how to put down grass seed

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  • How to plant grass seed in your lawn?

  • When the seeds have been buried, go over the area with the lawn roller again to gently pack down the soil. This will ensure the seeds are firmly planted in the soil, and prevent them from blowing away. The roller only needs to be one-fourth full to provide enough weight to pack the seeds. Add a layer of mulch.

  • How do you keep grass seed from blowing away?

  • Mulch will protect the grass seeds, prevent them from blowing away, stop weeds from growing in the area, and help keep the soil moist. Spread about one-quarter inch (6.4 mm) of mulch over the entire area. Good options include peat moss, straw, compost, or steer manure.

  • Should you sprinkle grass seed all over the lawn?

  • However, you need to understand that apart from just throwing the seeds on the ground, there is a lot of care required. Sprinkling the grass seeds all over the lawn seems like a wise idea to most people, mainly because it saves time and money.

  • Can I over-seed my lawn?

  • As with all seeds, check the packaging instructions for the recommend rate of application. Don鈥檛 be tempted to over-seed the area. This will not only cost more (in seed) but also cause the seeds to rot and die. When you have sown over the entire area, lightly rake the surface to mix the seed into the soil.

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