how to water new grass seed without stepping on it

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Watering new grass seed without stepping on it is best done using atimed misting system of sprinklers, and this should be laid down before laying the grass seed down. A light mist setting should be used and the timer set to multiple, short sessions of misting per day.

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  • How to water new grass seed?

  • Before watering the new grass seed for the first time, you need to protect it from evaporation. Spread straw mulch all over the seeded area before watering. Water in the early morning and late afternoon, before and after the worst heat of the day.

  • Should I soak my new grass seed before planting?

  • If your seed is planted in bare soil, do not soak or flood your lawn. When watering a new lawn, use just enough water to keep the soil moist at seed depth. Standing water or prolonged heavy rain could ruin some of the seed or possibly wash the seed away.

  • What happens if you don鈥檛 water grass seed?

  • Too much water can drown the seeds or wash them away, but not enough water can result in seeds going dormant or being eaten by birds or rodents. We have you covered here, with everything you need to know about watering your grass seeds for a lawn you can be proud of.

  • How often should I water my lawn after overseeding?

  • If overseeding a lawn where you have established grass, be sure to keep the seed moist by watering lightly twice a day. Occasional deep watering is okay to maintain grass health. The existing grass will help keep the seed in place, shade the soil, and slow evaporation.

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