is contractors mix grass seed good

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  • What is contractor鈥檚 mix grass seed?

  • Jonathan Green Contractor鈥檚 Grass Seed Mixture is the ideal grass seed for soil stabilization or temporary lawn seeding. Contractor鈥檚 Mix contains annual ryegrass so it germinates quickly and provides a fast grass cover. It is most often used by new home builders to establish a lawn quickly because it provides an excellent value for the price.

  • Should I use contractors mix or regular grass mix?

  • So when it comes to seed, don’t always grab the cheapest. Contractors mix is typically used when builders want to get a quick lawn and are not educated or do not care about the long term stability of the turf. What do you consider regular grass mix?

  • What to look for when buying new grass seed?

  • You need to check for type of seed and its percentage of the mix. Typically a contractors mix will have annual grasses in them for quick germination in addition to perennial rye. Annual grass will last the year, but then the lawn will be bare, once the temps. drop.

  • What is the best grass seed mix to plant?

  • A better seed mix will have varying fescues, and some perennial rye for quick establishment. Some will also have a portion of kentucky bluegrass. For shade areas your types of grass will change to red fescues.

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