is fescue a shade grass

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  • Does tall fescue grow in shaded areas?

  • Tall fescue grass is fairly traffic tolerant, but it鈥檚 a different story with shaded grass. Because the shaded tall fescue does not get as much 鈥渇ood鈥?as its sunned counterpart, it will not have extra energy to spend repairing torn, worn, or crushed grass leaves.

  • What is the difference between fescue grasses?

  • Improved cultivars look and grow like other popular lawn grasses, with the added benefit of being heat and drought tolerant. Turf-type tall fescues have a wider leaf blade than fine fescues and are often used in seed blends where a shade loving, slow-growing or drought-resistant turf is desired.

  • What kind of fescue is best for lawns?

  • Most fescues suitable for lawns are fine fescues; they include creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, hard fescue, and sheep fescue. Shade grass blends often contain a mix of several fine fescue species but they are also capable of thriving in sunny, hot locations.

  • What is the best grass to grow in the shade?

  • While some require the scorching sun, some grow very well in moderate to low light as well. Common examples include shade grasses from the fescue family. Creeping red fescue is the best grass type for shady areas with different soil types. Tall fescue is also one example that grows well in shady areas.

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