is fiber optic grass poisonous to cats

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  • Is fiber optic grass poisonous to humans?

  • Fiber Optic Grass is poisonous for both humans and animals if consumed. The fronds of the Live Wire Grass plant shoot up like a fountain and are tipped with white flowers. Fiber optic grass is often found in Northern Africa and parts of Southern Europe.

  • What is fiberfiber optic grass?

  • Fiber optic grass is a fun plant (even though it isn鈥檛 really a grass) that most people acquire because of its unusual appearance. Isolepis cernua (= Scirpus cernuus ), in the sedge family (Cyperaceae), is a variable evergreen species with a mop-like tuft of fine green stems.

  • Is it safe to grow cat grass?

  • Never keep poisonous plants or flowers in an area where your cat can easily get to and ingest them. If you like the idea of growing your own cat grass, fear not 鈥?you don鈥檛 necessarily need to have a green thumb to do so.

  • Will deer eat fiber optic grass?

  • If you plan to grow your fiber optic grass outside, it is worth noting that deer won鈥檛 eat this plant. It grows well in USDA zones 8-11 but can live indoors in any climate. You can pot this plant, or hang this plant for dramatic effect.

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