is grass fed butter better for you

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  • Is grass-fed butter better for You?

  • Additional Reasons Why Grass-Fed Butter is Better. Grass-fed butter is rich in something called butyric acid. Grass-fed butter also contains more omega fatty acids. 9 Omega fatty acids help support not only heart health, but brain health, as well.

  • Is organic butter the same as grass-fed?

  • Here鈥檚 what other labels mean: Organic butter: 鈥淥rganic鈥?is not the same as 鈥済rass-fed.鈥?While organic butter is free of pesticides, it鈥檚 not necessarily grass-fed. So if you want true grass-fed butter packed with nutrients, an organic butter won鈥檛 cut it.

  • Is butter actually good for You?

  • There鈥檚 a growing amount of scientific evidence that butter 鈥?especially grass-fed butter 鈥?can actually support your overall health. You might have heard that foods high in saturated fat are bad for you because they can increase your risk for heart disease.

  • Which countries have the best grass-fed butter?

  • New Zealand also has its own famous brand of grass-fed butter called Anchor butter. Even though it鈥檚 not certified USDA organic, it鈥檚 made with free range, grass-fed cows. Costa Rica also believes in grass-feeding their cows.

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