is grass growing a physical or chemical change

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Chemical change

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  • How does the grass change in appearance?

  • The grass changes in appearance by growing taller (physical) while chemical reactions occur involving the usage of energy and producing oxygen and carbon from CO2, a chemical change. I win. Loading, please wait. This may take some time…

  • How does grass grow in a lawn?

  • Grass growing in a lawn Chemical A tire is inflated with air Physical Food is digested in the stomach Chemical Water is absorbed by a paper towel Physical When copper metal is heated in concentrated nitric acid, the copper dissolves to form a deep blue solution, and a brown gas is evolved from the acid.

  • Why does the grass stretch during photosynthesis?

  • Because photosynthesis causes the molecules in the grass to take in carbon dioxide and water, and using light energy, created oxygen and glucose new molecules. The grass is indeed not stretching, it is becoming longer and larger due to more molecules. Explanation:

  • Is a seed a physical change or chemical change?

  • It’s a seed before it grows, and chemical reactions within its cells have to take place for that to happen. A good rule of thumb is to remember that physical changes can be reversed, like melting an ice cube or cooling gases. However, a chemical change cannot, like boiling an egg or burning paper. It’s chemical.

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