should i cover my grass seed

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Yes,grass seeds will grow if not covered,but there are so many benefits to choosing to cover the seeds. When the grass seed is left to its own devices without any covering,it is very likely that it will be eaten by birds and other critters.

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  • Should you cover grass seed with soil before planting?

  • Should Grass Seed Be Covered? Grass seed, while resilient, can also be temperamental and needs diligent care. The better prepared a lawn is for grass seed, the better the seed will sprout. Covering your grass seed with soil is not necessary, but you should rake your seed into the existing soil.

  • Can you use straw to cover grass seed?

  • When seeding a new lawn, you鈥檒l improve the germination rate by covering up the seeded area with a thin layer (not more than 1/4 inch) of mulch. It improves the rate of germination. So, can you use straw to cover grass seed? It is not a must you cover grass seed with straw if you prepared the soil properly for planting.

  • Should I Cover my newly-seeded lawn with straw mulching?

  • Another reason to cover your newly-seeded lawn with straw mulching is to prevent the grass seeds from damage due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Straw also acts as a visual screen to discourage birds and other small animals from digging holes feeding on the newly-planted grass seeds.

  • What is the best thing to put under grass seed?

  • 1. Pine straw Just like straw, pine straw also facilitates moisture and heat retention while still allowing enough sunlight to reach and warm the soil on which the grass seed is growing. However, unlike straw which can be used anytime post-harvest, you鈥檒l want to avoid covering your newly-seeded lawn with fresh pine straw.

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