what do grass seedlings look like

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  • What does a seedling look like when it emerges from seed?

  • The seedling still has the outside of the seed on it as it emerges, and leaves haven’t opened up yet. The stem will be the first thing you see, like an upside down U rising out of the soil. Then it will straighten out and bring the leaves up.

  • What does a radish plant look like from the seed?

  • Seedling: Seedling radishes have roughly heart-shaped leaves, with the point of the heart being the stem. The leaves are smooth and the veins are very small. They are almost identical to turnip seedlings. General Structure: Radishes look like little more than a bundle of leaves from above-ground.

  • How can I tell if a seedling is a weed?

  • Sow a few seeds in a labeled container to make comparisons to what comes up in the garden bed. Avoid pulling weeds until seedlings have developed their true leaves. The first leaves on a seedling are called cotyledons, and they don鈥檛 look like the true leaves of a plant, so misidentification is easy at this point.

  • What do tomato seedlings look like?

  • Photo by Chris Burnett. The seed leaves of tomato seedlings are long and narrow, while the true leaves tend to have asymmetrical lobes, very similar to the leaves of the adult plant. Look for three connected (or nearly connected) leaves at the end of each branch, with one or two smaller leaves farther down the branch.

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