what does sour grass look like

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Elongated seed pods that resemble tiny bananas

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  • What does Sweetgrass leaves look like?

  • Look for long, green leaf blades leaves growing from the bottom of the sweetgrass. These leaves don鈥檛 have any fuzz or hair, but instead feel a bit rough around the edges. In many cases, sweetgrass leaves can be as long as 12 to 24 in (30 to 61 cm).

  • What does annual bluegrass look like?

  • It has a light green color that looks a lot like your grass. The leaves are smooth on both sides and the flowers have a green/white color. Annual bluegrass does well in compacted soil that is wet and high in nitrogen. A good prevention method is to avoid over irrigating your soil.

  • What is sour grass seed?

  • Sour grass produces elongated seed pods that resemble tiny bananas. They send ripe seeds flying impressive distances when touched, helping them spread more widely in your garden. Sour grass is most easily harvested by snipping with scissors, leaving the roots intact.

  • What does a sourwood tree look like?

  • Sourwood leaves look like laurel leaves with finely toothed margins. The simple leaves have a conspicuous midrib and fine feather-like veining. The sour-tasting leaves have short petioles and grow alternately on the tree鈥檚 stems. It鈥檚 said that sourwood leaves taste like sour apples.

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