what grass stays green in the winter

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Kentucky bluegrass

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  • What kind of grass grows in the winter?

  • Beautiful green grass is a lot less common during the winter months, though. But there are some grass types that are able to withstand heat and cold extremes, including in the transitional zones, and produce that coveted green color during winter: bermudagrass, zoysia and Kentucky bluegrass.

  • Is there a green grass that stays green all year?

  • There’s only one type of grass鈥攃alled Marathon鈥攖hat is green all year. However, you can also pick up a bag of winter rye and sprinkle the seeds over your lawn鈥攊t will keep your lawn green and fill in any gaps during the colder months, but it will disappear in about 6 months. Thanks!

  • What are the best cool-season grasses for your lawn?

  • Kentucky bluegrass is the most widely planted of the cool-season grasses too. This grass requires frequent watering and plenty of fertilizer, though, in order to maintain its winter blue-green color.

  • Does rye grass turn green in the winter?

  • Rye grass is a cool-season grass that will stay green throughout the cool winter months in the south while the warm-season grasses turn brown. That way, homeowners can enjoy a green lawn all winter long. In the spring when the warm weather returns, the warm-season grass will green up,…

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