what is lime for grass

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Natural soil additive

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  • What does lime do for lawns?

  • What does Lime do for Lawns? The main reason to use lime for grass is that it makes soils less acidic. Acidic soils (sometimes called sour soil) feature a lower pH鈥攁nywhere to 3.0, which is considered very acidic, to 9.0, which is strongly alkaline.

  • How does lime make grass green?

  • Lime can help create a green lawn, but it can also be used to enhance the color of certain grasses. For example, if you want a more vibrant shade of green in your lawn, lime will help your grass get there. It does this by making the grass grow faster and stronger than it would without lime.

  • How does lime fertilizer work?

  • Fertilizer contains nutrients that are taken up by plants and help them grow strong and healthy. The main reason to apply lime to your lawn is to raise the pH level. The ideal pH for grass is between 6 and 7. If your soil is too acidic, the grass will not be able to absorb essential nutrients. This leads to yellowing and dying of the grass blades.

  • Is it OK to put lime on grass in the winter?

  • In late winter and early spring, soils are still cool, but they are warm enough for grass roots to begin growing. At this time of year, soil pH is still low and needs to be raised with lime. The cool weather also helps slow down the chemical reactions that occur when you add lime to your soil.

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