what is the best grass for golf greens

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  • What type of grass is best for golf courses?

  • Here is an overview of some of the most popular grass types for golf courses along with the type of environment they require to thrive. Bermuda grass is one of the most popular varieties of grass for golf courses because of how hearty it is. It is incredibly durable and stands up to lots of abuse from golfers.

  • What is it like to play on a synthetic grass green?

  • The very first synthetic grass green I played on was in a mate鈥檚 backyard. It looked fantastic and it was used a lot by his family for a play area, but for golf the green was too hard and fast. It was almost useless for any decent golf practice and if you wanted to chip balls onto it there wasn鈥檛 any hope.

  • What type of grass is used on the Greens at Augusta?

  • Bentgrass is used on the greens at Augusta National. It has a fine texture and can stand up to constant and low mowing. A longtime favorite for use on golf courses, perennial ryegrass can be found in nearly any cool-summer region.

  • What type of grass is best for Fairway?

  • Zoysia is a stiff type of grass that grows more slowly than other varieties. Its stiffness and the way it spreads and fills in gaps makes it very durable for fairway traffic. It is highly tolerant of hot climates and is also drought-resistant.

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