what kind of grass is at augusta national

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  • Is that really grass on the fairways at Augusta National?

  • But yes, that is grass on the fairways. The main turfgrass at Augusta is bermuda, which stops growing at the end of the summer, as the nights get cooler, growing dormant and brown 鈥?or it would, except that Augusta pre-empts part of that process by 鈥渟calping鈥?the bermuda, cutting it down to nearly nothing.

  • What type of grass is used at the Masters?

  • Augusta is situated in what many consider to be Bermuda grass country, or couch as we know it by here in Australia. The Masters Tournament is held in early spring, which means the turf grass has to be at it鈥檚 very best in both appearance and playability.

  • What type of grass is used on the Greens?

  • The greens are predominantly fine fescue with some highland bent grass. The greens, surrounds and fairways are overseeded at the end of every season with pure fescue. Fescue is a versatile grass that works very well particularly in the coastal areas of Great Britain.

  • What kind of grass is used for golf courses in Florida?

  • This relatively new golf course in Florida is at the cutting edge for design and for improved golf course grass. The championship course is grassed with Trinity Zoysia (L1F) tees and Zeon Zoysia (Sir Grange) fairways.

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