what kind of grass is at augusta national

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  • Is that really grass on the fairways at Augusta National?

  • But yes, that is grass on the fairways. The main turfgrass at Augusta is bermuda, which stops growing at the end of the summer, as the nights get cooler, growing dormant and brown 鈥?or it would, except that Augusta pre-empts part of that process by 鈥渟calping鈥?the bermuda, cutting it down to nearly nothing.

  • What do you know about Augusta National Golf Course?

  • Augusta National is one of the most well known and secretive golf courses in the world… how many of these titbits did you know? THE MASTERS is just around the corner. Everyone knows the winner gets a green jacket and that Augusta is one of the most incredible courses in the world.

  • What does the New Augusta National look like?

  • Empty black bunkers. Barren brown fairways. Shockingly bright greens. Not a flower in sight. And one particularly intriguing maintenance road. There鈥檚 plenty to take in from the new Augusta National Golf Club overhead imagery posted by Google this week.

  • Are Augusta National鈥檚 Greens game-ready?

  • Augusta National鈥檚 greens are the only hint of green on the entire property (except for the apparently overseeded tee box on No. 13 鈥?but more on that later) and wow, they鈥檙e green enough to look game-ready. The only exception is No. 9, which appears to be in the midst of some major top-dressing (you can see the contrast with No. 18 below).

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