what moisture to bale grass hay

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24 to 30 percent

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  • How much moisture should be in a hay bale?

  • 鈥淔or large round bales or big square bales, the percent must be much lower.鈥? If stem moisture is high, a professional hay producer will halt the baling when moisture content gets up to 18 percent, or even less for big bales. To make good hay, enough moisture must be present to keep all the leaves intact.

  • Why do hay bales get hot?

  • To put it simply, hay bales will become hot as the moisture inside the bale attempts to bleed out. During this process, bacteria and mold in the moisture trapped in the bale may multiply, using the nutrients in the bale to fuel their growth.

  • When is the best time to bale hay?

  • A key factor in when to bale hay is stem moisture, according to Michael Thomas, a rancher near Salmon, ID who also does custom hay harvesting. 鈥淚f stem moisture in a certain cutting is low, then 24 percent overall moisture in the hay is not a problem 鈥?when making small bales,鈥?he says.

  • How do you make hay last longer?

  • For good quality hay, proper moisture level is very crucial. 鈥淭o reduce the chance of heating and molding, regardless of hay type (grass or alfalfa) allow the hay to dry in the windrow slightly longer (to have less stem moisture) than you would for cow hay,鈥?says Thomas. 鈥淭hen make sure it is baled with more external moisture, such as dew.

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