what to do if your dog is allergic to grass

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The best way to treat mild seasonal grass allergies in dogs is tolimit their exposure,keep the grass mowed,and wash and carefully dry their feet when they come into the house,said Jeff Levy,DVM,of House Call Vet in New York,NY. 鈥淭he feet are affected especially between the toes,鈥?said Levy.

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  • What are grass allergies in dogs?

  • Grass allergies, also known as pollen allergies, are the most common type that appear in dogs. The pollen is absorbed in the dog鈥檚 skin and can cause an allergic reaction. The pollen is mostly spread through direct contact with grass, though it also can be transferred indirectly from people bringing it in from the outside.

  • What can I give my Dog for allergies to grass?

  • A combination of oatmeal and aloe can be really helpful in soothing the discomfort caused by grass allergies. Use a spray that contains these ingredients, and cover your dog鈥檚 body to reduce the itchiness. Fish oil supplements contain omega 3-fatty acids that help in reducing inflammation and ease the reaction to the allergy.

  • What to do if your dog has pollen allergies?

  • Wiping the pollen from your dog鈥檚 body and paws can be of great help. You can use a damp towel to do this, and make sure that you do it several times a day to prevent the pollen from entering deeper into your dog鈥檚 skin. This will decrease the itching and scratching, and make your dog feel more comfortable.

  • When is the best time of year for grass allergies in dogs?

  • It should also be observed that most of the grass usually blossom or rather pollinate during the months of May to July, meaning you`re likely to experience grass allergies in canines during this period. This period is also known as peak pollen season. However, this does not rule out the chances of the allergy happening during any other time.

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