when can you use weed and feed on new grass

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Considering your location, the soil, and weather, the best time to weed and feed should be when the temperature is around 12C (53F) and more. So generally the best time for applying weed and feed inearly spring or early autumn. But again, it all depends on whether you live in a colder or warmer region.

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  • How often should you apply weed and feed to your lawn?

  • Now, if your lawn is infested badly by weeds, then applying weed and feed every 6 weeks will help. These are the tips on when to apply weed and feed to ensure that you will effectively eliminate the weeds on your lawn.

  • How to fertilize your lawn with weed n feed?

  • Measure your lawn: It鈥檚 good to know which part of the yard you want to fertilize with weed n feed product. This fact is also useful when you calculate the quantity of fertilizer that is allowed to spread. Wait 2-4 days after the mowing: The soil needs time to incorporate the grass cutting.

  • Do you have to feed new grass when planting?

  • Feeding New Grass. Feeding is important for all lawns, but it’s especially important for new grass. If you didn’t feed your new grass when it was planted, apply a lawn fertilizer designed for new grass, like Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Lawns, 2 to 4 weeks after seeding.

  • What should I do about the weeds in my newly seeded lawn?

  • In short, here’s what you should do if you encounter weeds in your newly seeded lawn: These weeds will be shallow rooting, you can pull them out by hand or wait until the 6-8 week mark to mow them out If the weeds are persistent and reoccurring, use a selective herbicide to spot treat them

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