when to plant fall grass seed in virginia

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  • When is the best time to plant grass in Virginia?

  • Growth slows, roots often die back and the grass thins out, setting the stage for weeds and crabgrass to move in. The solution? Plant grass in Virginia in the early fall (between about September 1st and mid-October).

  • Can you plant grass seedlings in the spring?

  • Grass planted in the spring comes up great, but it lacks the root development and food reserves to deal with the high summer temperatures we have every year. It thins out, and many of the young seedlings don鈥檛 make it to the fall. There are also two other major problems with spring seeding.

  • How late is too late to plant grass seed?

  • Naturally, any time after this point of grass should be treated as too late to plant the grass seeds. However, being little late is still permissible if your seeds gets favorable weather.

  • When should I fertilize my new grass seed?

  • To keep sprouts alive as temperatures dip in late October and November you will want to fertilize your new grass with both starter fertilizer to establish root growth and potassium to quickly build up the new grass鈥?ability to overcome stresses like cold weather, frozen soil, and snow compaction.

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