when to plant tall fescue grass seed

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Early fall between mid-August and mid-October

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  • Can you plant tall fescue in the spring?

  • Spring Planting of Tall Fescue. As post-winter soil and air temperatures warm, spring is your second best time to plant tall fescue seed. As in fall, time spring planting to coincide with soil temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer and consistent air temperatures between 68 to 77 F.2.

  • What is the ideal soil temperature for planting Fescue seed?

  • Tall fescue seed needs soil temperatures near 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit for thorough germination and strong root development. These soil temperatures roughly correspond to fall and spring air temperatures in the range of 68 to 77 F. 1

  • How do you care for fescue grass seed?

  • With seedlings up and growing, lengthen the time between waterings. Water deeper and less often, until you gradually reach your norm for established lawn. Let new tall fescue grow about 4 1/2 inches tall before you mow it. As with all lawn grasses, only remove one-third of the leaf blade at a time.

  • How long does it take for fescue grass to germinate?

  • This allows time for the 7- to 21-day germination period for turf-type tall fescue plus adequate time for roots to establish before winter comes. For Upper Midwest lawns, mid-August may bring ideal conditions.

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