when to use grass feed

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Between February and April

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  • When should I Feed my lawn?

  • By following this lawn feeding guide, you鈥檒l get an understanding of when to feed your lawn, how often and with which type. Apply your feed after cutting the grass. This will give your lawn a chance to absorb it before you cut it next.

  • Why is some lawn feed better than others?

  • The reason some lawn feeds are better than others, is because they can release nitrogen and feed over several weeks rather than in one rush soon after application. The best lawn feed (or fertiliser) to use is one that provides both protection from weeds while systematically feeding your lawn.

  • What is the best way to feed grass seed in spring?

  • For spring feeding, use a product containing feed, weed killers and moss control. This will quickly help the grass to start growing again and control any weeds that are present, plus kill off the moss that might have invaded the lawn over the winter.

  • When should I apply lawn treatments and feeders in the UK?

  • Summer is an important season for lawn care in the UK. You鈥檒l probably want to apply lawn treatments and feeder around 12 weeks after the spring treatment if the weather is dry enough, although you still need some moisture in the lawn for the soil nutrients to take into effect for a summer lawn.

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