where can i buy lesco grass seed

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  • What is Lesco grass seed?

  • Lesco Grass seed is the best quality grass seed blends around. It gives a clean weed-free grass seed that originates well. It supplies always the best growing varieties that show dark green color in crops. There is drought tolerant and also good for high traffic areas.

  • What lawn products does Lesco sell?

  • We carry a wide selection of Lesco Lawn Products including grass seed, lawn fertilizer, crabgrass pre-emergent, weed and feed, herbicides, and moisture retention products. Lesco Fertilizer Plus Pre Emergent Herbicide 13-0-5 – 50lbs.

  • What temperature does Lesco grass need to grow?

  • As for cool-season grass seeds, they grow in soil temperature that varies from 16-30 degrees. Lesco Grass seeds require moderate to high maintenance levels. It is recommended that you use the recommended seeding rates and instructions to achieve the best results.

  • Why choose Lesco over blue tag?

  • We double test all seed lots to be free of UGS (undesirable grass seeds), including the absence of poa annua. We arrange production directly with seed growers under contracts that demand higher quality standards than Blue Tag seed. When you purchase a bag of LESCO seed, you can be confident that you鈥檙e going to get exactly what you paid for.

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