where is bermuda grass from

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Mediterranean region

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  • Where does bermudagrass grow?

  • Even though it is present in many areas of the United States, Bermudagrass is widespread in hundreds of counties throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the globe. Besides its most common name 鈥淏ermudagrass鈥?or 鈥淏ermuda grass,鈥?this weed has many other titles across the world, such as:

  • Is Bermuda grass considered turf grass?

  • Homeowners in the Southern United States use Bermuda grass as turf grass, but in the Northern United States, it鈥檚 a weed that鈥檚 challenging to control. Bermuda grass takes over lawns that have other types of grass.

  • Why does Bermuda grass grow back so fast?

  • Because bermudagrass has specialized growth stems and a relatively rapid growth rate, it is usually excellent at crowding out weeds. Also, this is the primary reason why bermuda grows back so well when it is injured. Underground shoots (called rhizomes) help bermudagrass fill in void spots in a lawn.

  • Is Bermuda grass a weed in Maryland?

  • Bermuda grass is a long grass weed with dense, dark green blades. Even though homeowners in some states use this grass for their lawns, it鈥檚 a weed in Maryland. Since it grows and spreads quickly, it鈥檚 an invasive species that could harm your lawn鈥檚 grass and reduce your home鈥檚 curb appeal.

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