where to find a grass stone in pokemon sword

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Head down the left-handed path at the bottom of the hillto find the Grass stone. To find the first stone, head back to the middle of town and follow the path down towards the gym. Take the left-hand path before you would actually walk down to the gym, and then continue to the end to find three large stones holding up some other stones.

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  • Where can I find Leaf Stone in Pokemon sword and shield?

  • This guide shows where to find Leaf Stone Location in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Leaf Stone is found in Turffield (the town where the grass gym is). From the Turffield Pokemon Center, take the path on the left until you reach an area with ancient stone structures.

  • Where can I find water stone in Pokemon HeartGold?

  • Water Stone is found in Bridge Field (Wild Area). Advance north in the area until you see a path going left, with some grass and a Raid den by the city walls. Next to the Raid den, you find the Water Stone in a red Pokeball pickup on the floor. It has the same location in both game versions (same for Sword as well as Shield).

  • Where to find grass-type Pokémon in Pokémon Sword&Shield?

  • But, because most locations can support Grass-type Pokmon, they usually are spread throughout the entire in-game map. Since the map in Pokmon Sword Shield is large, it might be difficult to know where to look. To help with that, here are some locations that contain some of the best Grass-type Pokmon in the game.

  • What does a water stone do in Pokemon sword and shield?

  • Water Stone is an evolution item in Pokemon Sword Shield, combining it with certain Pokemon allows them to evolve into water types. This guide shows where to find Water Stone Location in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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