why do dogs kick the grass after they poop

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Their instinct to do so

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  • Why do dogs kick the ground after they poop?

  • The scents released from dogs鈥?feet is more pungent and lasts longer than the scents of urine and feces. When a dog kicks the ground after defecating, they are releasing pheromones onto the ground.

  • Should I Stop my Dog from kicking his feet after pooping?

  • There is no need to stop your dog from kicking their feet after pooping or peeing unless they kick up a lot of dirt or grass or does it with such vigor that they are hurting their nails or paw pads. Bekoff, M. (1979). Ground Scratching by Male Domestic Dogs鈥? A Composite Signal.

  • Why does my dog kick the grass?

  • When surrounded by other dogs during visits to the dog park, it鈥檚 normal for this action to go into overdrive. Dogs kick grass naturally, but they also often perform this behavior on other surfaces like kitchen tile, concrete, the living room carpet, or the sofa.

  • How do dogs mark their territory after pooping?

  • Kicking up dirt and covering it brings more attention to the feces so it is another way a dog marks its territory after pooping. On a rare occasion, a dog may actually try to bury its feces if it feels threatened and is trying to hide its presence, but this is more common in wild canines.

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