why do i have mushrooms growing in my grass

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Build-up of excess thatch

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  • Why does my lawn get mushrooms?

  • The reason why lawns get mushrooms is that the soil in your lawn is brimming with fungi and their spores. You can’t see them and they won’t hurt you, but they are there. They only start to appear when the soil and weather conditions allow them to do so.

  • How do mushrooms grow in your yard?

  • Grass clippings, leaves, thatch, old mulch, compost, wood, and animal waste often thrive in your lawn, providing a perfect environment for mushroom growth. Warm, humid weather provides just the right conditions for mushroom and toadstool growth 鈥?especially in your lawn.

  • How do I know if my lawn has mushrooms?

  • If you see clusters of small mushrooms in your lawn, have a look for excessive thatch. If there鈥檚 more than half an inch, scarify your lawn. If your lawn has a drainage issue then moisture will sit on the surface.

  • What is the difference between fungal lawn diseases and mushrooms?

  • It鈥檚 important to distinguish between fungi such as mushrooms and toadstools and fungal lawn diseases. Fungal lawn diseases can damage the grass in your lawn; whereas mushrooms and toadstools assist with the breakdown of organic matter in your lawn 鈥?making the soil richer and full of nutrients.

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