why does my puppy eat grass

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  • Why do dogs eat grass?

  • Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Many dogs have a condition known as pica , which means they eat things that aren’t food , including dirt, feces, toys, and grass. Most experts agree, however, that grass eating is normal canine behavior and that this type of pica usually doesn’t cause too many, if any, problems.

  • Is it normal for dogs not to throw up after eating grass?

  • Although some dogs do vomit, it doesn鈥檛 always happen, and this research suggests that it鈥檚 actually more common for dogs not to be sick after eating grass Some researchers have suggested that some dogs may eat grass to try and get more fibre into their diet.

  • Is it bad for a puppy to chew on grass?

  • Although occasional grass chewing should not be a concern, you should still discourage your puppy from eating grass, particularly if your lawn or the area that he eats it has been treated with herbicides or pesticides. These chemicals can be harmful to your pet.

  • What can I give my Dog to eat instead of grass?

  • Give your grass-loving pup an alternative to satiate its craving. For instance, you can provide a patch or a container of healthy wheatgrass for your dog to munch. Pet-supply stores often have grass- and herb-growing kits available that are safe for dogs as well.

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