why is my grass seed growing in patches

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Seeds鈥?inability to develop

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  • Why does my newly planted grass look patchy?

  • A newly planted lawn may take on a patchy appearance if the fungus strikes. The Rhizoctonia solani fungus also develops during warm, moist weather. Powdery mildew favors grass planted in shady locations. Using fungicides may help control fungal lawn infections and reduce the patchy areas.

  • Why should you overseed your lawn before planting?

  • Overseeding the lawn with new grass seeds can take care of the unsightly appearance. A newly planted lawn can also suffer a patchy appearance from excessive foot traffic, lack of adequate water or poor soil nutrients. A new lawn can also succumb to disease.

  • Why won’t my Grass Grow in my lawn?

  • If you only seeded your lawn, it could also be that the local wildlife (aka birds) have come in and swiped some of your seeds, despite the hay. Another option you could try, along with the seeding, is to take small plugs from other parts of the yard and plant them in the spot you’re trying to grow.

  • Why is my lawn getting dry on the sides?

  • It鈥檚 common for water to run off slopes taking grass and soil with it and leaving dried out areas behind. Fix: Aerate the lawn to increase soil absorption.

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