will pool backwash harm grass

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  • Can pool water Kill Your grass?

  • It Absolutely Can If you have a swimming pool in your yard, it鈥檚 likely to contain chemicals such as chlorine that can kill your grass. While a little drop of pool water on your grass may not cause any harm, watering your lawn with pool water will kill your grass.

  • What happens when you backwash a swimming pool?

  • When you backwash the pool water exits the pool and in general either goes directly into the sewer system or to somewhere in your yard, such as on a lawn, a flower bed, under trees or wherever you direct it by laying out a backwash hose.

  • Can I drain backwash pool water into my garden?

  • Ideally you shouldn鈥檛 allow backwash pool water that you have just heavily shocked to drain into your garden as this is when it will be at a level that may harm grass, plants and trees.

  • Will a swimming pool Kill my landscaping?

  • However, if you have too much chlorine or salts in your swimming pool and this gets into your landscaping, it may affect grasses and other plants. Some plants are more sensitive and will be killed by chemicals.

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