will scotts weed and feed kill grass seed

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Scott鈥檚 Weed and Feedkills weedsand feeds your yard at the same time. You will see a healthier grass in a few days, with full results in 4鈥? weeks. Scotts will begin to kill weeds within 7 days of planting.

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  • Does Scotts weed&feed kill weeds?

  • Scotts Weed Feed kills weeds. Scotts manufactures a line of lawn care products designed to promote lawn grass health with fertilizer while simultaneously killing broadleaf and stubborn weeds.

  • Is Scotts Turf Builder weed and feed good for your lawn?

  • Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed helps thicken lawns and controls weeds common in lawns in more northerly climates like crabgrass, creeping Charlie and oxalis. It is good for lawns that incorporate Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, rye grass, centipede, bahiagrass, Bermuda or zoysia.

  • Is it safe to put weed killer on grass seed?

  • The company says that its weed control products are safe to use on lawns that have been treated with Roundup Ready 2-in-1 (RR2-I) herbicide. The company also recommends that you apply the herbicides in a well-ventilated area. Should I put weed killer before grass seed?

  • What are the benefits of bonus s southern Scotts weed and feed?

  • According to the company’s web pages, Bonus S Southern Scotts Weed and Feed fertilizes the lawn to strengthen the grass, providing better tolerance of both heat and drought. The slow-release fertilizer with weed control covers 5,000 or 10,000 square feet of lawn depending upon which size of bag you purchase.

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