when does grass go dormant in florida

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Cold months of the year

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  • When do grasses go dormant?

  • They go dormant over winter, return to active growth in spring, and peak in dry, hot summer weather. With a helping hand from this monthly care guide, you can keep your warm-season lawn grasses at their best.

  • What happens to your lawn in the winter in Florida?

  • In Southern Florida during the winter, lawns don鈥檛 grow as fast as they do during the rest of the year even though they may still be green. This is great if you are the one mowing your lawn! In Northern Florida and some parts of Central Florida, lawns can either stay green or turn brown.

  • How do I know if my lawn is dormant?

  • The most obvious thing to look for first is brown grass. Remember, brown grass does NOT always indicate dead grass. This is just a warning sign that you should be on the lookout for dead grass 鈥?but your lawn has most likely gone dormant for the winter.

  • What happens to grass during the winter months?

  • Posted by Vanessa Jenkins Green in Lawn 鈥?Houston During the winter months, when temperatures across the United States drop for several months at a stretch, most varieties of grass that people use in their yards go dormant鈥攎eaning, their active growth cycles slow down. The grass is still alive, but it is in a state of suspended animation.

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